Senior and Junior Drama Companies 

Please note this is not a new class for semester 2. Those students in these companies from semester 1 will continue to rehearse and then perform in the Drama Showcase in week 2 – August 3. The Senior and Junior Drama Companies will work as professional performance ensembles. Students in these companies will be involved in part of the process of material selection, and then will be cast in a stage piece (be it a stage play, or a concept for an ensemble-devised piece) in preparation for the Drama Showcase. Students will become immersed in the rigour of the rehearsal process, from script work and line learning, to movement and blocking, physical and vocal preparation, and the ever-challenging bump-in/technical/dress rehearsal process. This process will leave students well-equipped with professional skills for auditioning, performing, and working creatively and effectively as an ensemble. As part of this experience students, may also develop an understanding and gain experience in set, lighting and sound design.

Individual Performance 

This class works towards equipping students with the tools and confidence to take the stage on their own. They learn to build characters through movement and voice work, and developing a character’s gestural life. Students are encouraged to construct individual performances from their skill set and experiences. Students will be challenged with Classical and modern texts – from theatre to film, and will be individually guided in their progress. Work may be done on monologue preparation for auditions, and in preparation for Year 11 and 12 Drama. 

Play texts

Students will work on bringing a text to life – characterisation through voice and movement, and ensemble work – driven by the text. The content will be both existing texts from plays, and self-devised with a given theme.

Stage Craft

This class teaches the nuts and bolts of putting a script on the stage - actors knowing where to stand, how to create tension, how to build humor and dynamic into a scene once it is on the floor. The class helps students work on the physical and the intellectual elements coming together for an effective performance.

Acting for Screen

Students will study screen acting in a process that equips them for the demands of the industry. Students will work with industry standard camera equipment and lighting, learning to improve their on-camera technique and become more comfortable in real-life casting and filming situations.