Digital Technology

Students will learn skills in contemporary composition utilizing digital instruments, loops and samples to create a finalized project. Digital technology may include GarageBand, and various current music apps. The work will be done on Mac computers, and iPads. Composition techniques such as chord progressions, structure, musical layers and electronic sound design will be explored. The class covers a range of other related topics such as music technology and the use of recording and notation software.

Arranging and Notation Advanced

This subject is for those who have already studied Theory and Musicianship, or are taking elective music. The work will focus on developing an understanding of chords, and arrangement and transcription techniques, with a principal focus on developing the skills required for students to write their own chord charts and arrangements, for practical application in live performance. The skills developed in this class will allow students to write original songs, or create their own arrangements of songs.

Music Performance Studies: Blues, Soul and Jazz

This class is heavily practical, and based on learning within an ensemble experience which may be flexible, and will vary according to the needs and strengths of current students. Repertoire will cover Blues Soul and jazz genres, with students gaining stylistic skills in repertoire chosen by the tutor.
Students will be placed into small ensembles to rehearse, and perform jazz, blues and soul repertoire. Very advanced vocalists may collaborate with instrumentalist to form bands performing these genres.

Percussion Company

The Percussion Company is a percussion ensemble for both drummers and non-drummers. If you can count to 4 and know your left hand from your right hand then you have all the tools we need. The class covers basic drumming technique, rhythm reading, to more advanced technique and rhythm for the drummers. The class culminates in an end of year showcase performance that never fails to disappoint. Previous years performances have included buckets, Japanese inspired taiko and tribal grooves.

Contemporary Instrumental Company 

This is an advanced performance class, with a focus on performance preparation for APGS Showcases and other performance opportunities. Students will work towards specific performances, as either soloists or within small ensembles, under the guidance of the tutor. The classes will concentrate on polishing performances to the highest standards, rather than workshopping ideas, with the aim to have students displaying technically assured, stylistically convincing performances of the highest level ready to present to the broader community. At times, some student collaborations with Vocal Company may be arranged at the discretion of the tutors.

Vocal Techniques and Styles

Students will focus on developing vocal approaches to suit the demands of contemporary singers – expressive techniques and other technical demands, related to different styles of singing. Students will need to perform as a soloist and in small groups for this class.
Students will explore and perform vocal techniques associated with the unique demands of different vocal styles such as jazz vocals, and pop and rock genres such as R’n’B, soul and Country. They will explore from a vocalists perspective, the vocal styling and nuances of these styles and how these styles are technically approached.

Vocal Performance Company

This class is performance based, with a focus on solo, duo or small ensemble performance. This class will be focused on performances in APGS Showcases and other performance opportunities. Performance skills - both technical and artistic, along with performance etiquette will be refined. Students will be required to perform as a whole company, as a soloist, or in a duo, and have the desire to perform at APGS Showcases. They do not need to have private singing tuition to participate, although they would benefit from participating in the Vocal Techniques class. At times, some student collaborations with Instrumental Company may be arranged at the discretion of the tutors.