Enrolment Guidelines

Interview and Audition

One year prior to your child’s commencement date, you and your child will be required to participate in an interview and audition.

Once your interview and audition have been confirmed, you will be required to provide the following:

  1. Copy of passport or birth certificate
  2. Recent academic reports & NAPLAN
  3. Recent academic and performing arts achievements
  4. Passport photo or similar
  5. One written reference relating to you, the parents, from persons qualified to support this application (such as teachers, business acquaintances, family friends or clients)
  6. International students only: IELTS English competence test result

Your child will be required to perform 2 contrasting pieces or excerpts of up to 3 minutes each maximum. Visual Arts students are to submitt a portfolio of 8-10 pieces of their own work. You are welcome to provide a backing CD/mp3/USB for accompaniment purposes.

*APGS does not conduct group auditions.

*Auditions for students without any previous training will be based on an interview and aptitude assessment. Students who are unable to attend the audition due to personal circumstances may provide a recording of their 2 pieces.

Confirmation of Enrolment

After the interview and audition, your child may be offered a place at the School. In order to register your acceptance, you will be required to complete the Enrolment Agreement along with the payment of the non-refundable Enrolment fee of $1,500. Please note this one time payment is seperate from Term Fees.

Audition Fees

Online Application Fee - $100

Audition Fee - $115

Enrolment Fees

Acceptance of Enrolment Fee  - $1,500

Refer to Schedule of Fees to view all Term & Annual Fees.