Senior and Junior Drama Companies 

The Senior and Junior Drama Companies will work as professional performance ensembles.
In 2019 the drama ensembles will work on a junior play and a senior play, both to be announced in the new year. The plays will be auditioned and if students wish to submit themselves for consideration they must sign by week 1 of term 1, 2019 and expect to participate in an informal audition in week 2.
Auditionees will be judged on their appropriateness for the character/part within the play attitude as well as their participation in drama throughout 2018.
Students will become immersed in the rigour of the rehearsal process, from script work and line learning, to movement and blocking, physical and vocal preparation, and the ever-challenging bump-in/technical/dress rehearsal process. This process will leave students well-equipped with professional skills for auditioning, performing, and working creatively and effectively as an ensemble.


Professional Acting techniques: Advanced Scene Study

This class is for actors with some experience who are hungry to take their acting to the next level. Exploring professional acting techniques, this class aims to help students develop truthful, dynamic performances. Techniques will be applicable to finding truth within both stage and screen scripts.


Voice, Improvisation and Character 

Aimed at intermediate level actors, this class is a chance for students to explore elements of an actor’s craft, including:
• Stage Presence
• Improvisation, and Making and Accepting Offers
• Developing a Strong ‘Actor’s Voice
• Pitch, Pace and Volume
• Creating Characters
• Believability, Conviction and ‘Being in The Moment’
• Committing to Choices
• Imagination and ‘Sense of Play’

Shakespeare and Greek Tragedy

Students will work on bringing a text to life – characterisation through analysis related to voice, gesture and movement, individual and ensemble work – driven by the text. The content will be existing texts from Shakespeare and Greek Tragedy.