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Scholarship Application Form

It is an expectation that on acceptance of a Scholarship, the below terms and conditions are adhered to for the entire duration of the award.

  1. The Scholarship applies for the duration of the current learning stage indicated on the application.
  2. The recipient must maintain the highest level of academic and PA achievements, as well as student life activities. Compulsory attendance and participation is required by the recipient in all aspects of APGS’ activities including performing arts classes, showcase concerts, external performances, and on any occasion as deemed necessary at the request of the School. .
  3. The recipient must represent the school in an exemplary manner when participating in any internal and external activities..
  4. Scholarships cover all or part remission of tuition fees. Scholarships do not cover textbooks, uniforms, excursions, performance fees, technology fees or private tuition fees..
  5. If the recipient fails to adhere to the policies and expectations of the school as outlined in the Enrolment Agreement, Student Handbook and/or any amendments and additions made by the school throughout the current academic year, the Scholarship may be immediately terminated, and full fees may apply from then, and for the rest of the recipient’s schooling at APGS..
  6. Scholarship recipients will be subject to a biennial review of their performance in academic studies and the performing arts in order to determine their suitability to retain the scholarship..