PA Faculty

<b>Michael Quigley </b></br>Percussion

Michael Quigley

<b>Paula Baxter  </b></br>Solo/Duo Vocal Skills, Song Writing & Performance

Paula Baxter
Solo/Duo Vocal Skills, Song Writing & Performance

<b>Alice Girle</b></br>Musical Theatre

Alice Girle
Musical Theatre

<b>Jamie Valente</b></br>Song Writing / Performance Lab

Jamie Valente
Song Writing / Performance Lab

<b>Lucy Bailes</b></br>Vocal Techniques / Vocal Ensembles

Lucy Bailes
Vocal Techniques / Vocal Ensembles

<b>Lisa Gardner </b></br>Vocal, Music

Lisa Gardner
Vocal, Music

<b>Jo Elms</b></br>Vocal Techniques and Styles

Jo Elms
Vocal Techniques and Styles

<b>Victor Rounds</b></br>Performance Studies

Victor Rounds
Performance Studies

<b>Lauren Elton</b></br>Contemporary / Jazz

Lauren Elton
Contemporary / Jazz

<b>Talia Fowler</b></br>Contemporary Ballet

Talia Fowler
Contemporary Ballet

<b>Melissa Ayers</b></br>Dance

Melissa Ayers

<b>Harriet Gordon-Anderson</b></br>Stagecraft

Harriet Gordon-Anderson

<b>Eunice Chung Lee </b></br>Digital Media, TAS

Eunice Chung Lee
Digital Media, TAS

<b>Daniel Fisher  </b></br>Film Making, Body of Artwork

Daniel Fisher
Film Making, Body of Artwork