Fee Schedule

For our full terms and 2020 Fee Schedule please click here

Pre-Enrolment Fees

Application Fee: $100

This fee covers administration costs associated with processing the application and reserving a place for audition. This fee is non-refundable and is inclusive of GST.

Audition Fee - $115 or Scholarship Audition Fee $215

This fee covers staffing and administration costs associated with the audition process. This fee is due prior to the audition day and is not refundable.

Enrolment Fee - $1,500

This fee when paid confirms acceptance of the offer of a place in the nominated year group at the school. This fee is not refundable. 

2020 Tuition Fees


Per Term

Per Annum

Years 7 and 8

$ 3,378

$ 13,512

Years 9 and 10

$ 3,511

$ 14,044

Year 11

$ 3,785

$ 15,140

Year 12

$ 5,046 (3 Terms)

$ 15,138





For students attending Danceworks Ballet course ONLY: 

Please click here for the Academic Fee Schedule.

Supplementary Fees

Annual Learning Resource Fee: $470

Fees charged to cover costs of learning materials, resources and technology, this is a once a year payment.

Annual Performing Arts Fee - $720

Fees charged to cover costs of productions, workshops and external events, this is a once a year payment.

Late Charges

Fees are due for payment by the end of the first week of each term. A 5% late payment charge will be applied for any payments that are not received within the 14 day period from the due date. A further 5% late payment charge will be applied for any payment that are not received within the 28 day period from the due date.

Tax Deductable Donations

It is hoped that all families will support the ongoing development of the school through the contribution of tax-deductible donations to the Building Fund or Scholarship Fund. These contributions are especially appreciated and essential for the future of the school.

Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts are offered at APGS for families with 2 or more students enrolled at the school. Amounts are calculated at 10% for the 2nd Child, 20% for the 3rd Child and 30% for the 4th Child.

Early Payment Terms

3.0% discount for payment of Full Year of Tuition Fees paid on or before 31 December 2019.

2.0% discount for payment of Full Year of Tuition Fees paid between 1 January 2020 and 30 January 2020. 

These terms apply to local fees only. 



2020 Overseas Students Tuition Fees

For the Overseas Fee Schedule click here

The Australian Performing Arts Grammar School is registered by the NSW Board of Studies to accept overseas students (CRICOS Provider Code: 02647M). The Australian Government classifies an overseas student who is neither an Australian citizen nor one who holds an Australian Residency Visa, and who attends an Australian school, as an ‘Overseas Full Fee Paying Student’.


Per Term

Per Annum

Years 7 and 8

$ 4,619

$ 18,476

Years 9 and 10

$ 4,883

$ 19,532

Year 11

$ 5,147

$ 20,588

Year 12

$ 6,862 (3 Terms)

$ 20,586





Further Information

Fees are payable as per the Conditions of Enrolment. A student will not be able to start a new term whilst fees from the previous term remain outstanding. Tuition fees may be made by EFT, cheque, cash or credit card (1.5% surcharge). Please contact the Accounts Department regarding any queries related to fees: (02) 9518 5123.

No receipts are issued unless specifically requested. Payments received after the due date will incur late fees of 10%. The School reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings to recover outstanding fees after due procedures have been followed. In the event that outstanding fees remain unsettled, the student’s enrolment may be terminated.

The Schedule of Fees does not include the following:

School uniform; private music lessons; textbook and stationery costs; excursions; or, any costs associated with distance education or external programs such as SDEHS, Open High School, TAFE, Village on Broadway etc.  

If a student is withdrawn from the School during or at the end of the term, one full term’s (10 weeks) notice in writing must be given to the School. If the required notice is not given, we agree to pay a term’s fees plus GST. Scholarship and/or Bursary awards are not applied to the withdrawal fees. As part of the Board of Studies requirements it is compulsory to advise the School, in the notice of withdrawal, the name of the school to which the student is being transferred.