APGS offers a unique learning environment for students who are driven by their love of the performing and/or creative arts and are committed to achieving academically while pursuing their interests. Founded on the tenants of respect for one another, serving the community and building character, APGS provides the ideal environment for students to flourish intellectually while exploring their creativity.

APGS provides a learning environment where students are engaged in deep learning through diverse and differentiated teaching and learning strategies which promotes enquiry-based and student-centred learning. The teachers foster an inclusive learning environment where the student-teacher relationship is considered paramount and where students feel comfortable and supported to inquire, contribute and extend themselves. There are challenging learning goals for each student, with continued diagnostic assessment to inform differentiation. Small class sizes and a close community strengthens the teachers' understanding of each student, their learning styles and strengths, and areas to further develop. Creativity is aligned with the teaching and learning strategies to further engage and penetrate deeper understanding and knowledge.  Parental involvement is encouraged, and indeed welcomed as APGS believes a child supported at home and with the school has the scaffold to reach or extend their potential. 

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