Visual Arts


Graphic Design Zany Zines Style  

Please note the software requirements necessary for this class. Only students with the required software can enrol in this class.

Zines are a popular graphic style associated with a variety of artistic subcultures and ideas – that combine text and graphics with a focus on illustration to create self published magazines. Some are mini-comics while others can be include topics such as fashion, poetry, activism or pont of view pieces.

Drawing and Sculpture  

This class will focus on developing skills through creative project work – from fundamental principles through to creation of completed works. Individual projects will be devised with guidance from the tutor, to suit each student’s level of experience and skill.


Body of Work

The BOW class focuses on spending a semester developing a series of individually developed artworks. The number, style and medium of the work is up to the student.  They are given a theme and from then on make their own decisions. It is especially good for senior students to further their skills in advance of creating their major BOW’s in year 11 and 12.