Visual Arts


The Mischievious Grid – Drawing and Painting
Experiment with various grid work techniques in your painting and drawing in Term 1 to produce your final artwork in Term 2.
Materials will be provided.

Claymation - Stop Motion Animation  

Create a stop motion animation based on a clay character(s) of your design.

  • Adobe Creative Suite 
  • A camera (SLR would be great, but if not, a phone camera with a high resolution lens will be sufficient. Low resolution cameras will not produce effective results.)
  • Plasticine. 


Tile Triptych - Decorative Art/Sculpture


Explore different decorative and sculptural techniques to create a nature-based tile triptych.
Requirements: Materials to be incorporated into one of the sculptured tiles. Potential excursion to Reverse Garbage to purchase materials for one of the tiles.

Body of Work

The BOW class focuses on spending a semester developing a series of individually developed artworks. The number, style and medium of the work is up to the student.  They are given a theme and from then on make their own decisions. It is especially good for senior students to further their skills in advance of creating their major BOW’s in year 11 and 12.